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01 sluggish from start


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my gt is sluggish when starting out it, it dosnt do it every time, dosnt seem to make a differerence weather the engine is warm or cold, dosnt seem to matter weather I been driving it for a while or if im just starting out it does it at ramdom times... The check engine light is on for 2 codes:


1) catalyst efficency below threshold

2) knock sensor bank 1 high?


The cats are now hollowed out since I cant afford a new on right now, when I took it all apart the front one looks like it crumbled apart, Ill replace them ths spring when I get some $ saved up...


The knock sensor does it need to be replaced? is there a way to test it?


even with the cats hollowed out it still seems to be sluggish at time but when it isnt it runs like it did when it was new...


Thanks in advance

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You may be throwing that catalyst code due to a bad rear o2 sensor. That is a much cheaper fix, so troubleshoot that first.


Knock sensor may be causing your sluggish start. Here is yet another one of those useful links. Once again, this isn't from a Legacy, but just about all 2.5 have it in the same area.


You can use this for reference, and the instructions attached is how you want to replace yours.


Knock sensor isn't as cheap, an genuine one may run you $65 I believe.

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