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Milford, MA meet --repost from NASIOC


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no, i can't make it tomorrow unfortunately. i donno if i can do any of the meets this weekend either, maybe if the boston crew gets together


i've been wanting to install a couple of things onto my car but haven't been able to cuase i have no tools, big do you have any i can borrow ? looking to put on some axelbacks.


my osram bulbs just came today though, prob just gonna put those in along with my avo filter this weekend since those are just drop-ins.

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My father has a fully stocked garage with a lift in it, so I just go there to do my oil changes/installs. I was going to ask him about using it for the Thanksgiving install meet, but I'm not sure how keen he is having a party at his garage. :lol:


If you were interested in heading down to the sticks, (he lives in the middle of nowhere, about 75-90 minutes from the city) I could probably see about using it for a day. It will depend how much crap he has in it at the time. Space is tight there now cuz he had to use some of it for storage recently. (i know, cardinal sin using the shop for storage). LMK if you're interested and maybe we can figure something out. :)

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