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Help! Brake problem.


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I havent been on here in a few years. SORRY but i got into other hobbies.


I have an 03 L special edition. Shes been perfect for 5 years but i've had problems with the rear driver side brakes for the past year.


Last winter when i washed the car at a do it yourself car wash. i'd spray the car down and when i got to the rear driver side brakes they would smoke really bad. This is from work to the car wash which is five miles.

The disks would get really hot only after five miles.


i had the dealer check them out in february. they said the sliders where rusted ( i still havent figured out what a slider is. )


I should state my car has only 30,000 miles on it after five years. I understand that the brakes and other things can and will get rusty when i wash the car once a week and not drive much.


The dealer replaced the pads because it was engaged all the time and worn out. also replaced the sliders and resurfaced the rotors. I thought the problem went away because the rotor was no longer getting hot. so i forgot about it until now.


Its getting hot again. the dealer checked them out but said all the pads are wearing evenly. I dont think they new the whole problem i had with it and i believe something is still wrong. I work nights and have a problem getting to the dealer to have it checked out again.



Also before i had the pervious work done. if i put it in neutral (5mt ) and coast form the begining of my street to my house ( 4th house down ) i couldnt make it. i would get right in front of my house and couldnt make it into the drive way in neutral ( thats how i figured out my brakes where engaged because i should make it into the drive way by coasting ). before the problems and right now i can make it into the driveway and into my garage. so i just dont know what the problem is anymore and i dont have alot of money right now either, also i'm a worrier and i know my car, SOMETHING'S WRONG.


Any clues?



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If your brakes truly are sticking, maybe rebuild the calipers.


But you cant use the car wash test as an accurate form of testing. Your brakes WILL get hot enough for steam (smoke) to show from using the brakes just driving there.


Another thing to make sure is that the parking brakes are releasing fully.

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