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Bumper Swap


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Guest *Jedimaster*
Or the outback front bumper with the fender flares, and the Corazon side skirts and rear bumper... if you can get them from Japan...

I don't know that it'd match up that easily.

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The Corazon kit uses the outback's fender flares, I believe; so the leading edge would likely be the same.


The corazon side skirts are pretty basic, but perhaps a bit deeper than stock, due to the trailing edge of the front flares, and leading edge of the rear flares. The rear bumper might be a little more angular than the front bumper cover, so it may not be as cohesive as parts that are designed to go with each other aesthetically, but the technical aspects of the fitment shouldn't have any obvious misalignments, I don't think... This is from examining pictures of the Corazon kit, and looking closely at the OB's fender flares on an actual outback. I of course don't guarantee a thing...


The alternatives would be to use the front and rear OB bumpers, fender flares, and corazon side skirts and rear door filler. or a full OB makeover with the side cladding, with the lower legacy stance, or some other body kit all together.

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