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What needs to be replaced?


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My LGT has almost 75k miles, 40k with H-Techs, and 35k with stock springs. The struts have been on my car for every single one of the 75k miles, never swapped, never adjusted, never taken off except at 35k miles.


I live on long island, but not all the roads are silky smooth, and many of the highways have potholes. When i hit a pothole or a bump mycar will bounce for a few seconds and then return back to their original state. Also it seems like even though the car drives more like "its on rails" then with the stock suspension, it feels like, well the best way t describe it is it feels like the sturt/spring set up is not cushioning any of my ride whatosever, like you can feel every single lil change in road surface height.



What is wrong with my suspension...are the springs losing their ability, or are the shocks dead? help me out please. thank you in advance.

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konis are the simplest and cheapest and prolly best option you have. bils or tokicos will require you to get spec-b top hats and since the bils and tokicos are meant for jdm/spec-b style springs which your h-techs arent, you may have uneven ride hight. konis use you stock hardware so you dont have to buy anything extra and you ride hight will stay the same.
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