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So I have been doing a lot of modding to my 05 LGT in the past couple months.


First I went for power Fmic+ Vf39 + other crap, for while that was fun for a while you can only go fast in a straight line for a while then it gets boring.


So then I go some MR coilovers and a progress RSB and man what a difference :eek:. It's so much more fun taking these turns now I feel so stable without all that body roll. And I can slide the rear out so easily and controlled now. I like freaking all the people i give rides to by sliding around corners now everyone knows to wear their seat belts now.:lol: So next up is a new set of really sticky wider tires and I will be happy:wub:.


In conclusion if you want to have more fun with your car address the shitty stock susp. before you go for power mods.

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ehhh i've seen what someone can do with the stock suspension.


racing "laws" still apply. if you can get fast, your car can be fast.


if you can slide the rear out easily you are losing grip and thus are not fast :p


but yeah... straight line is boring. drive on the highways and the miles pile up.


my miata is my handler though. i just threw KW coils on my legacy and called it a day.

car for sale. PM me!
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It's all about fun and pleasure. All of my current and future modifications are geared towards longevity, and cost per smile. Short shifter and transmission lube....for crisper smoother shifting. Cobb Sway Bars (picking up this wednesday) for alot more tossability, better steering response, and a more enjoyable turning of any sort.


Engine tuning - Aiming for Stage 2 to give it a nice, fat powerband with smooth delivery while still being very reliable under all other stock conditions. Should allow for much better driving characteristics at 2000-3000 rpms.


Everything else can be done with regular maintenance.....upgrade brakes when they are due, better tires will improve all aspects including steering, and heck I'll even upgrade to a xenon kit when the stock headlights start to go out.



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