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Why Dont Dealers Do That?


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since some people want this feature and that, and how some dealers dont have them, and depending on how much you REALLY want them, the dealer would probably have to order them


which causes you, the paying customer to wait



why not pick the color, tansmission you want and and have Subaru either swap them out or put new accessories onto the car



so why dont dealers do that?



i think the color and the transmission YOU want is the most important thing, and then the acccessories


although i cannot afford one, i would love to have Regal Blue Pearl in a manual transmission



but that color is very rare here in colorado, i dont know if it's just colorado, but it is a rare color


and i dont want some of the accessories that come with that particular color



so instead of having to order and wait 6-8 weeks, why not just remove the things you dont want and add the things you do want


here is an example:


Regal Blue, Manual Transmission










i do not want a Sub/Amp, shift knob (i prefer the regular one, looks more classy not ricey), security (i would probably install and aftermarket one), and the STi pedal set



things i do want is very simple:

wheel locks, small investment

auto-dimming mirror compass

i believe the limited model comes with extended armrest

i like the STi sills, but why dont they have LEGACY sills?

all weather mats

i like the net and rear cargo tray/mats but i think they only are avaiable for wagons


sorry for making it long, and hope you read all of my points before making a response or comment


and if Subaru does swap/install accessories, please delete this topic


(i mean remove the accessories you dont want and install accessories you want on the color/transmission you want)


but if they dont do this, why dont they?

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but the accessories i want, other than the auto-dimming with compass requires no installation


and since i dont want some of the factory options, cant they just remove it, shouldnt be too difficult or require too much time


and wouldnt that cut the costs of the car?



because within a 50 mile radius, that is the only regal blue pearl with manual transmission

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You'd have to talk to them and see what they're willing to do. It may not be worth it for them to remove the stuff you want. (labor costs involved in removing parts, plus the fact that you'll be wanting to pay less for the car with parts removed)


But then again, if they really want your business - they'll do what they can to get you in that car.


the shift knob / pedal set shouldnt be a problem. I have a feeling that the security system and sub/amp will be a little harder to get out of becuase of the wiring involved with getting those out.


If you look at the non-limited version over the limited you can save a few grand. You only lose out on leather and the moonroof... everything else you can install yourself at a later date. You should be able to get the price down below 24,700 for the car you spec'ed with the options it already has. (maybe less.. not sure how prices are out there compared to here)


50 miles isn't that far - look around at some other dealerships. A local dealer may also be willing to go get the car you want from a different dealership.


anyhow, good luck finding the car you want. I really like the regal blue too -- at first i was dead set upon getting mine in Black -- until i saw the blue and decided it was what i wanted. No regrets at all-- it the perfect color to really look good and stand out, but still coast under the radar and not be too obnoxious. :)

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The main reason they don't do this is because it doesn't make sense for most options. For examply the subwoofer/amp, you have to take apart the console and all and it takes probably 30min. for a technician to remove it. You would have to pay for the labor, the dealership won't do it unless then DESPERATELY need the sale.


Another thing, your dealer can also do a dealer trade where they look in the database, and type in the model code and color, and a list of dealers in the vicinity you choose will pop up who have that particular car. Then they call and find out which ones have the options you want/don't want, and then they do a swap. There's other ways around it, rather than installing and removing accessories. Things like locking lugs, floor mats, and other easy 5 sec. things they shouldn't have a problem removing.


Where abouts are you located?

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Even the auto-dimming mirror is spec'ed for time to be billed. I worked out a price for all my accessories to be installed at once (SSK, Homelink Mirror, etc)....most service writers get paid on commission, so they will work with you to get the business vs. none at all.
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Typically, you can order the car you want, you just have to wait (just like having a pizza made to order, you get what you want at the end, but you still have to wait). Most of the options on the car is usually port/dealer installed, so that means you can get your car, and wait for the options to come in at a later time when they do come in and head back to the dealer to get them installed. Most other typical buyers dont like to swing back to the dealer to get the options installed. Other people just like the additional options (which lured the buyer to buy the car in the first place) and there's more room to haggle on price when it comes to the options since it varies from dealer to dealer.


It's very understandable about getting a "base" car with the tranny you want and adding the options later, but to some (or most other customers) they feel that the car isn't as "complete" making it a tougher sale to come around and deal with. Subaru also have a set staff of analyzers that figures out what "popular" options are more common during a purchase and they group their options together, saving some time and a little bit of money for the consumer (trust me, the dealer doesnt like installing customer-special-ordered options for every car they sell.. it's too time consuming for the shop to do such work when they have all those other cars that come in for maintainance instead).


In life, if you want something that you exactly want, something has got to give, and in this example, it would be your time (if you need to justify the "lost time" or "time to wait" you can always haggle the price for each option and as well as the price of the car to get it below invoice).




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