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Energy Suspension Bushings - review, install on Cusco


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Goal: Replace worn bushings with the ability to quickly lubricate/grease in a harsh driving environment.


Energy Suspension Swaybar Bushings: Purchased online at JEGS. For the front, I ordered 23mm and 22mm (one size smaller than bar) to see which fit better. They cost very little so it was no biggie to buy both. I ended up using 22mm. Bushings have a grease fitting so they can be easily greased with grease gun, and groves in the bushing that hold the grease and allow it to flow to all parts of the bushing (just grease until you see it coming out the sides).


Fit On Front Sway: Some amount of cutting/trimming the metal bracket is required to fit the front. The factory brackets are smaller and the frame constrains them at a couple points points so the larger Energy brackets need to be trimmed (see pics). The brackets are so beefy, I'm not concerned with trimming them. I also had to add bigger washers which I also had to trim to fit. The grease fittings clear my aluminum skid plate easy; don't think that should be a problem for anyone but I do have spacers in mine for header clearance.



- A bit of a pain to trim, etc., but...

- Very satisfied now that they're on...great to just be able to fully grease in a second with a grease gun.



- Bracket in vice showing area I cut;

- Bracket on car showing frame parts that forced me to trim the bracket (orange lines show areas of frame that interfere);

- Grease gun hooked up (note grease oozing out sides of bushings showing fully greased)




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Nice. They are sooo much nicer than the orig rubber bushings. I did the same on mine some time back. Had to trim the passenger side bracket similar to you. I used the 23 mm bushings on mine. I also have a 21mm bushings on my cusco rear bar. I drilled and tapped the 21's to make those greaseable too. Jegs has prothane grease that I use for lubing these, very sticky and water proof.
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