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09 HK Subwoofer Issue


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I recently picked up a 09 Legacy and found that whenever I turned the bass setting to any positive (eg.+1), the woofer would rattle. Its quite irritating and I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?


Thanks any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

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My '09 Legacy 2.5i SE has its left speaker/woofer crackling when the Bass is >0.


I have only had it for a week and I am bringing it to the dealer to have it checked out/swapped soon.


2BJDM and Jimmyjtn, did you get your replacements without any problems? Is there a deductible to pay for stuff covered under warranty?



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I called the dealer today to explain the crackling sound, and they said the speaker could have blown, I asked if it was covered under warranty and they said it was, as long as it wasn't opened/modded/or had water damage.


I took it for a spin at lunchtime, and realized that my garage door opener which was lying in the storage area by the driver's door would vibrate making me think it was the woofer. I moved that out of the way, and everything was good. :)



I saw pictures of your 5MT LGT in another thread and they are nice!!!


I wish I had the skills to install stuff like you do, I am making do with an Audiovox XM receiver instead of the in dash stuff.


Mine is Diamong Gray metallic as well.

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I agree with axp above... My '09 LGT sound system is great... but if lI eave hardly anything anywhere you will get a rattle. If anyone else has this problem I recommend checking the pockets on the sides of the doors and the little compartment where the GPS would be on the dash. Pretty much anything can make the sound system rattle.
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i have a 2009 subaru legacy 2.5i special edition and i blew the h and k sub right off the bat and i was wonder if you guys think the warranty on the car will cover another one



If your under 36k miles then yes it's covered. Bring it in.

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