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OEM Nav System on Rinkya


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I checked with Kenwood USA and they say US nav DVDs would not work in the JDM system (I figured they'd say as much, but just thought I'd check).











Babelfish translation of auction:



You to view it is grateful Exhibition is BP and BL レガシー genuine KENWOOD make DVD navigation set. Until the actual thing procures with diversion purpose and it is something which has been used removes, the use period which is something which is operational is approximately one year Being to be something which is procured with one for レガシー the air conditioner it gushes and also the mouth and the substance installation stay etc. have been even, as for the harness of power source and the like as the body harness and become simultaneous, as for this one because of that it is connected with small flat ギボシ, there is no power source connector and the like Other than that, 13 pin connection cable radio wave beacon modules? You think that the antenna for the satellite, handling instruction manual everything it has been even, That and, it has not been taken to the photograph, but there is also a map disk, but it is the copy item if even then it may, one year you used this one which we transfer, but there was no problem And, being not to be something which is procured in order to install in レガシー, you asking that hand, the acknowledgement which is not answered. As for the actual thing being to be the used item other than of packing defective and the like breaking is not responded to the returns and claim and the like. Because and it is cheap exhibition, please bear the postage dispatch Yamato flight the consumer tax which we ask with cash on arrival, as for system utilization charge there is no necessity. When appraisal and the like it is bad, when this one judges, there are times when bid is retracted Also exhibition person other auctions viewing Renewal being completed: February 6th 1:30 It is monitor 7 inch touch panel. Renewal being completed: February 6th 21:44 When it is necessary, we attach also the copy in the diagram. Renewal being completed: February 7th 12:15 Presently access several 300, watch lists 32 is, many access it is grateful. Renewal being completed: February 7th 22:37 Access several 500! ! Watch list 42! ! It is 1 day after, we ask may. Renewal being completed: February 7th 22:38 The version 3.0 of ROM perhaps it is up-to-date."

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A talented installer can hack the board and wire in a video input. An outboard NAV, laptop or MiniMac would then be an easy thing to integrate. We used to do this on many Japanese made single DIN video screens. They had the capability, just not the jacks wired in. I suspect that it may be a bit tougher with an OEM NAV, but it should still be possible. The screen has a source input but is probably done on the printed circuit board. The key will be a JDM tech manual or wiring schematic.
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Yea...im sure you can buy the screen/housing and somehow get a video input on the board so you can hook up another source. At the stereo shop I work at...we have tapped into Lexus navigation systems in order to add a video input. On cars like BMW's, Mercedes, etc. they already have adaters that allow video input.
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