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AT fluid change


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Dear Subaruers.


I had a differential binding problem, so I've changed all tires so to make sure that all of them are equal, did a bit of rear-8-figure-driving and changed AT oil. I thought to change AT filter but I couldn't take the pan off because of the excessive rust -- didn't want to bother this time.


The problem/questions are:


what is the amount of AT oil usually gets dumped when no filter gets changed (damn me - I couldn't measure -- trusted too much to the manual). Manual says 4 Qt, Friends says 6 Qt. I added first 3 Qt, started - couldn't get stable level, added another 1 Qt, oil seems to appear but too many bubbles, added another 1 Qt, seems to be much better but few bubbles

Rear -> Drive -> Neutrual -> 2 minutes, it is hard to get stable level but it seems to be on Low Hot when engine is hot


how dangerous to overfill? all official sources say that overfilling is very bad, friend says that not really


appearance of bubbles mostly due to over or under fill??


how bad to mix different brends of AT fluid?


Thank you in advance for clarifying the questions for me.

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My GT is a manual but here's some knowledge from other cars I've owned which had automatics: Many cars have obstructions which prevent the pan from being dropped. There are numerous suction pumps which can extract your fluid easily without a mess. I bought one at Griot's Garage (overpriced but nice stuff) which has graduation marks on the side so you can get a good idea how much fluid came out. Use the manufacturer's brand of ATF. Can't go wrong with the original.
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Many cars have obstructions which prevent the pan from being dropped.


Thank you for reply -- Thanks god I still could dump the oil through when took the drain plug bolt out. Nevertheless I thought about succion pump because it might come handy. I will do research on them later -- does yours hold high temperatures?

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