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  • 4 months later...

LINK = http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/results/


  • OVERALL WINNER: #11, The SCHWING Team (Toyota Corolla, Richardson TX)
  • INDEX OF EFFLUENCY: #14, Never Give Up (BMW 1600-2, Kingwood TX)
  • DANGEROUS BANNED TECHNOLOGY: #0, Formula M As In Mullet (Ford Mustang, Dallas TX)
  • WINNER, CLASS PW: #7, Witchdoctor Motorsports/Bikini Racer (Chevy Camaro, San Antonio TX)
  • WINNER, CLASS NPW: #06, Los Cucaroches (Ford Mustang, Katy TX)
  • WINNER, CLASS PF: #12, 8NSK8 (Honda Accord, Magnolia TX)
  • WINNER, CLASS NPF: #51, The Professionals at Having Fun (Ford Ranger, New Orleans LA)
  • ORGANIZER'S CHOICE: #31, Little Buckaroo (VW Baja Bug, Allen TX)
  • I GOT SCREWED: #55, Team Blue Goose (Honda CRX, Austin TX)
  • MOST HEROIC FIX: #92, El Toro Loco (Ford Taurus SHO, Grand Prairie TX)
  • MOST REDNECK FIX: #03, Puff Puff Pass (Honda Civic, Liberty Hill TX)
  • LEAST HORRIBLE GM: #69, Los Diablos Racing Team (Chevy Camaro, Boerne TX)
  • RALLY READY HERO MECHANIC AWARD: #17, Svedish Slaabs (Saab 900, Houston TX)
  • FASTEST SWEDE: #17, Svedish Slaabs (Saab 900, Houston TX)
  • FASTEST GERMAN: #10, Warthog Racing (BMW 3-series, Austin TX)

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Race Weekend:
28 Feb-1 March 2009

Entry Deadline:
20 December 2008

Late Entries:
Considered case-by-case, space permitting

(Houston), Angleton TX; 1.3-mile road course (North Track)


Friday, 27 February 2009


  • 8:30am: Gates open

  • 9am-5pm: MSR Houston's open-track testing (This is their deal, not ours--when they know the details, they'll post them on the MSR Houston website. In other words, if you need to bug someone about Friday testing, bug them. We don't know nothin'.)

  • noon-6pm: Anal-retentive whackjob early check-in and tech


Saturday, 28 February 2009



  • 7:30am: Gates open

  • 8am-10am: Check-in and tech (no check-ins after 10am!)

  • 10:45am: Mandatory drivers' meeting

  • 11:30am-6pm: Race session I


Sunday, 1 March 2009


  • 8:30am: Mandatory drivers' meeting

  • 9:15am-4:15pm: Race session II

  • Noon: People's Curse

  • 4:45pm: Awards

  • 5pm-7pm: Pack up and go

  • 7:15pm: Gates close


Headlights, taillights, and sidemarkers removed or completely taped over

Side and Rear Glass:
No restrictions

Noise Limit:
92dB @ 50 feet @ WOT


Overnight Camping:
$50 per team (Honor system. Got any?)

Pit-Vehicle Restrictions:
No motorized two-wheelers

Pit Assignments:
First-come, first-crowded-in-like-sardines

Barbecues Allowed:

Running Water:
Non-potable only

Porta-poos throughout paddock, plus permanent bathrooms w/ showers

Electrical Hookups:
Very limited

Pit Hours:
Dark & quiet after midnight

Fuel Sold On-Site:
Yes, 93- and 104-octane race gas

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  • OVERALL WINNER: #0, Formula M (1984 Ford Mustang, Dallas TX)
  • INDEX OF EFFLUENCY: #27, Opular Dependence (1972 Opel GT, New Braunfels TX)
  • DANGEROUS BANNED TECHNOLOGY: #78, Apex Vinyl TX Racing (1978 Toyota Hilux Long Bed, Pearland TX)
  • WINNER, CLASS PW: #11, The SCHWING Team (1987 Toyota Corolla FX16 GT-S, Richardson TX)
  • WINNER, CLASS NPW: #77, MusTank Racing Inc, LLC, POS (1985 Ford Mustang, Houston TX)
  • WINNER, CLASS PF: #38, Z-Wrecks (1982 Datsun 280ZX, Houston TX)
  • WINNER, CLASS NPF: #47, Half-Assed Safety Fast (1991 Infiniti Q45, Des Moines IA)
  • ORGANIZER'S CHOICE: #46, A-Team (1991 Dodge Daytona, Houston TX)
  • I GOT SCREWED: #54, Witchdoctor Motorsports/Bikini Racer (1987 Chevrolet Camaro, College Station TX)
  • MOST HEROIC FIX: #55, Team Blue Goose (1985 Honda CRX, Farmers Branch TX)
  • MOST LIKELY TO LEAVE IN AN AMBULANCE: #02, Frogmasters (1972 MGB-GT, Houston TX)
  • THE MUSTANG THAT MAKES YOU SAY "DANG!": #26, Shake and Bake 4-Cylinder Mustang Mafia (1991 Ford Mustang, McKinney TX)
  • ÜBER RECIDIVIST: #8, Los Diablos Racing Team (1974 Chevrolet Camaro, Boerne TX)
  • LEAST HORRIBLE YANK TANK: #57, The Cajun Coonasses (1995 Saturn SL2, Walnut Creek CA)
  • HIGHEST FINISHING GERMAN: #17, Polizei und Banditen (1986 BMW 325e, Houston TX)
  • FASTEST SWEDE: #29, TSOL (1992 Saab 9000, Houston TX)

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