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Where to buy oem front caliper?


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*2005 LGT

Hello y'all! I've been running stock calipers/rotors, Bobcat pads, and ss lines for several thousand miles now and love the setup. Normal use is spirited daily driving. However, my front right caliper has been sticking, so the rotor is shot, as well as the pads.


1. Where's the best place to get an oem caliper? I presume the dealer will be overpriced, and I don't need a $1,000 aftermarket brake upgrade.


2. Does Napa sound okay for the rotors?


3. I've been happy with the Bobcat pads, but may try the Hawks. Where have people been getting them?

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Why not use this as a time to upgrade your rotors to slotted and/or drilled. Look at importimageracing on here (one of the vendors) they have some really good deals on rotors and pads from what I saw. I just bought some pads and was debating on getting some new rotors, I think they have the fronts, direct replacement, for about $300 for both IIRC.


There was also somewhere I was searching, it was a thread about upgrading the brakes on the 2.5i, but the rotors they found were for the GT and costed like 219 for front slotted and drilled rotors. I'll try and find the thread/link.


Try this link... http://store.r1concepts.com/store/search.aspx?key=av09847&submit=Search


If it doesnt work, use this one and do the search: http://www.r1concepts.com/elinerotors.php

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