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question about the jdm head unit


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hi guys,

my car came with a kenwood head unit that has the jdm radio frequencies, i am presently using an fm band expander to convert it to receive the local fm stations but the reception is real crappy.

the head unit model number is kenwood gx 201-je.

do you guys think if i were to buy a usdm head unit maybe i could swap just the tuner section of the unit?


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you cannot do it even in the McIntosh version if it is a pure JDM unit.


before, the "JDM" Legacy were slightly customized from the factory in Japan for the Hong Kong market and the was fine. Lately (since the September batch from last year), they stopped have doing it for us and we get the straight JDM models.


The straight JDM model is what I have got and there is no way to change the frequency band on the McIntosh units. I do not care about radio that much but I know a few others who had been complaining to the dealer about the radio on numorus occasions but there is nothing that could be done.

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The frequencies for Japan are 76 MHz to 90 MHz, and the US goes from 89 to 109 MHz. There is no switch located on the exterior nor through a hole on the radio (my JDM unit is here on my desk and I see none). I have a GX-204JE.


I say find a USDM radio and use that.

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Thanks MrMako, but i just wanna make sure: Can anyone else confirm that there is no switch to change it to the 89Mhz to 109Mhz range?


I got the same GX-204JE and if there's no switch, I was gonna have a FM band expander installed, but I'm wondering if that's safe and will it work? I dont want anyone pulling up my car, cutting (God-knows-what) wires and only to find that it wont work.


I'm on the technical side and I'd like to think that I can do it myself, given a manual or some guide.


If that doesn't work, is there anything else I can do to get it to work, outside of buying a new radio?



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