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Flashing procedure


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im going to flash (or at least try to) Stage 1 tomorrow, but i dont konw exactly how to do it :redface: i am getting all the stuff that came with it originally, are instructions included?


im getting TDC maps - stage 1 base map and realtime map and a stage 2 base map.


will the new maps replace the stock maps? forgive me if this is a dumb question, but if i need to go back to stock, where do i get the stock maps from? can you 'kill' the ecu if you do something wrong?

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Do you have AP version 1 or 2?


If you have version 1, the AP itself has a generic "stock map". When you unmarry and go back to stock, that "stock map" gets flashed back to your car.


If you have version 2, I believe you first need to copy your stock map off the car and save it on the AP. When you unmarry and go back to stock, you flash the copy of the stock map back.


The new maps replace the existing stock Real time and base maps.


Read the directions carefully before flashing.


Basically, with the car off and the key in the "on" position:


Connect the AP to the car

Connect green connectors that are in the passenger footwell

Flash the base map (takes about 15 minutes with Version 1, a lot less with version 2)

Flash the RT map (takes about 3 minutes)

Turn the key off

Disconnect the green connectors

Start the car


good luck!

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thanks for the response! i got it done yesterday.


the confusion for me was the placement of the Base and Realtime maps. first you have to load the Base Map and then go to "Change Map" to replace the Realtime Map.

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the stage 1 flash feels great. feels VERY torquey, but it should im seeing about 2 - 2 1/2 more lbs of boost!! it really has transformed the car. my first tank of gas is about 19mpg with my new heavy foot :lol:


im running a TDC 91 map with a Perrin TMIC

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