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I ran over a skunk last night!

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I was driving along North Park today around 4 AM and as I'm driving down a street I see a skunk run in front of the car right in front of me. I hit the brakes but I felt how the tire went over the son of b*tch. No braking or swerving would have saved me from hitting it. I am now a sunk killer, or at least I hurt one.


Buuut. He got his revenge. I was dropping of some friends at their house and as soon as they opened the doors to get out what was afraid of happened. The smell of skunk was ALL around the car. We closed the doors real quick and we could smell the skunk outside the car. We dropped them off and drove home and left the car parked over night.


This morning I went out and didn't find any damage on the car but the smell was still there on the outside. The inside still had some of the smell but luckily not too bad.


Instead of washing the car I decided to hit the road and go on a road trip to Angeles Crest Highway. Had a blast driving up and down the twisties.


After hundreds of miles I can still smell some of the skunk on the outside and a little on the inside.


I've heard and read so many horror stories about skunk smell and how hard it is to remove. I found an old thread where someone mentioned a BMW that couldn't be driven for 6 months because of the smell. Luckily my case is not that bad.


Maybe a few more days will help it go away, and I definitely need to go wash it, but I need to determine where the smell is coming from. It doesn't seem to be coming from the tires, so maybe something got stuck under the car. I'll have to use some high pressure water on the undercarriage I guess.


Any tips?

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Haha that's what I've always heard is used on skunks. I learned that from a cartoon. I'll spray the whole car in tomato juice. :spin:



would that cartoon happen to be an episode of the rugrats? :lol:

2006 SWP 3.0R 5EAT VDC BBQ


2008 OBP 2.5i 4EAT BBQ [RIP]

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To prevent skunk smell from coming inside the car...


I say keep your windows up and leave your air on recirc until the smell on the outside goes away. Maybe sprinkle some baking soda on your Cabin Air Filter to help deodorize things a bit.

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