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08 LGT - First electrical problem - Radio/Climate controls out and now back

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Hi all,


08 LGT 5-speed, ~8000 miles. My wife reported this problem this morning so I haven't been able to try to duplicate it.


She turned on her front and rear defroster and apparently the entire climate control and audio section went dead. No lights, no responsiveness. Nothing.


So she called me up and I told her the classic answer. "Reboot". She did, and it appears to be working fine again.


I know these problems occured in earlier models, but this is the first I've heard on an 08. Any ideas? Any way to prevent this from happening in the future?



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The usual problem with computers... They have a tendency to do unexpected things for unexplained reasons.


There are so many factors that can influence a computer and make it do something unexpected. All from low battery voltage to static electricity caused by synthetic underpants.


If it only happens once a year or less it's no problem, and we will have to live with it on modern cars. It's not really a brand issue.

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