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The Official: Tri State October 26th Harriman Meat!!

Guest LGT-NY

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Harriman Meet anyone?!?!?!



Sunday October 26th.


Rain date of Sunday Nov 2nd.



Meeting up at 1pm.


The usual BBQ/Meet/Show Off/Chat


Location will be Lake Tiorati at Harriman (click) - the parking lot/picnic area at the information circle. Place is huge and beautiful (see pics below). If nothing else, the twisties in the park are really fun! It's a good 10 - 15 minutes of twisties to get to the lake once you enter the park!



Once we have a definitive yes we can start associating people with things to bring such as grill, food, drinks, desserts...


Prospective list:


2. Korpsepatrol

3. Regal05LGT

4. CTATV (trashbag extraordinaire)

5. RdiggA

6. Fox06LegacyGT

7. JDMHatch08

8. Unlimited6986

9. stclark13 + WRX guys

10. ScoopMan + Lena :)

11. Whitetiger

12. aaronlee0821

13. 2.5gtbx_44

13. g2redgsr

14. Guzpaz

15. kb2spn

16. Coxx

17. Heightsgtltd

18. Unstablementaly

19. j255c

20. Long Island Legacy

21. Ultimakf7

22. EquinnoxX

23. VXCL

24. derffred

25. Catalyst

26. ih8vtec13

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Well you said in the other thread that this date would work for you, so I figured that was a yes. Plus I know you wouldn't miss a meet for the world. :lol:
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