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Pics of OBXT in snow from recent storm


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Snapped a few shots of my OBXT's 'first snow' back on 1/22 & 23 in western NJ. There's about 4-5+ inches in most places at this point, we ended up with about 15 total from this storm. Bring on the white stuff!








A few others located here:




Tim G.


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Guest *Jedimaster*
I loved it form the first time I saw it on the dealer floor. I sat there after placing my order for a Legact GT wagon, looking at the two tone OB and said "Change my order to the Outback XT!"
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I'm running a set of those WinterForce M+S tires (they're made by Dayton/Firestone/Bridgestone) which Tirerack mounted to a set of 16" steelies for me. I had them studded, and I really love them. A little noisey at highway speeds, but I've been driving trucks/jeeps for so long, they're no biggie. Decent handling, too.


I definitely recommend them...especially for $61 each! Size 225/60-R16 (S-rated and have decent sidewalls).



Tim G.



Wow, purdy pics! An Outback never looked any better :D


Hey, what tires are you running?




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