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Rear Headrest problems.


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Well.. I guess not much anyone can do for me... but curious if it happened to anyone else.


My rear pass. side headrest (it's a wagon)... was kinda hard getting back in after i had the seats folded down... but it went in.


NOW. I have to fold the seats again and it won't come out... I can basically pound it in far enough that it doesn't hit the back of the front seat (but it's still not all the way down.) but I CAN NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME get it out.


If I pull any harder it will surely rip off the padding/cover...


Just so noone comes back with silly Q's guaging whether I'm retarded or not... I'm not. the driver rear comes out and goes in without so much as a hicup... the pass. one is STUCK in there though and it's not backwards... I don't think.. I'll double check later to be sure but this is driving me nuts...

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Hmm either that or the clip isn't working as in the button is not releasing the clip. If you still can't get the headrest out, it looks like a trip to the dealer to have it fixed. This should be a warranty job.

All the best.



PS let us know how you go.

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Guest *Jedimaster*
I was serious. On some cars there's a left and a right, not to mention the middle one. If you have it in the wrong slot, it'll get stuck.
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