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Comprehensive upgrade/performance links

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Um, there is really no list of links, but I'll try to give you a few places I know of that carry stuff...


Cobb Tuning

Hot Subaru

JDM Parts Texas

Perrin Performance


RaceComp Engineering


Rally Performance-ScoobySport



Best I can come up with in short notice even though I'm sure I'm missing at least a few, don't flame me, just places I look for parts. :)

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http://www.worxtuning.com should have some stuff soon... I was asking them about their dual stage valve, but it sounds like they may have some other stuff for the legacy on the way soon



We are working hard to get the Legacy and Forester applications finished up. We just want to make sure everything is perfect before release. They should be available early next month if everything goes as planned. We are about a month away from completion of the exhaust components for those applications as well. Also, you should check out our site next week as it will be updated and there will be a few products for your application on there.








2005 Obsidian Black Legacy GT 5MT Un-Limited Sedan


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