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Redneck engineering of our ford taurus grill


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I got sick and tired of looking and the grill, something had to be done. I was considering buying a JDM or sport grill but figured I may as well hack up mine first. Unline previous posts where they had access to friends with paint shops and what have not, I am poor, have no friends and live in the city with no garage :D .


But I did have a hack saw, $7 for a metal mesh from home depot (normally for security doors and bbq grills), a $3 dollar can of car paint (charcoal metallic CC) and some sandpaper.


I hacked out the inards, sanded it down to make it flush, and painted it with the car paint. Made some holes with a drill and used my best friend next to duct tape, a ziptie to secure the whole thing together. Little project took a total of 49 hours, 1 for all the work and 48 hours watching paint dry. In the meanwhile I drove it around like someone stole it, not uncommon in NYC.


Well try not to laugh too hard, here are the results.








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