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A n00bie says hello

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Hi all,


I bought a 2005 XT about a month ago, just before a trip from Washington to Wyoming to photograph winter wildlife. Just enough time to put almost 1000 miles on the car before we took off. (Yes, that's us, on our trip, Christmas Day).


I love everything about this car except (as I'm sure you've all heard before) the gas mileage. I'm getting the typical 16-20 mpg.


I got the short throw shifter installed, but it's not as short as I had hoped. Does anyone know if it is adjustable in any way?


Will eventually be putting some sound in the car; gotta have my sound! :)


Not much else to say other than, I'm looking forward to finding some great drives in the Seattle, Washington area.


Nice to meet you,


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Holy Spam dude! BAN!!!1 :lol:


Seriously, why not donate and get a sig so you don't have to attach your boards signature each time?

I'm pretty poor actually, as soon as Uncle Sam starts paying me the correct amount of money on a regular basis so that I can have extra money to spend on things like this, then I'll consider ;) I've never even given or raised money for my own site, sorry Jedi but that will come long before. You could talk to one of the upper types in your chain of command and get me "Honorary Priviliages" :D


Otherwise, thats the way I'm gonna do things :)

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