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Ordering Hippo Sleek Front bumper from local Shop?


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Well......Of my stupididy I was messing around in a parking with some friends the other night in the snow....Def. is fun, but the stupiditity part was I had just came out of the bar. Anyway...I hit a No Parking sign (Which is now in my room) and just scratched up the front bumper. HIt it pretty hard but not that much damage...so our Legacys def. can take a beating. Just was wondering what th cost might be if I have a shop order it and put it on. I'm guessing $1300ish. Or would it just be cheaper buy some paint and touch it up myself....
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Unless your shop specializes in importing JDM products, I don't know how you would go about getting yourself that bumper. You should try contacting someone who specializes in those things, like Kevin from King of Imports or Paul from AVOTurboWorld. Don't forget you'll also need a JDM front bumper beam.
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you we need that JDM bumper beam..I dont know how much damage you got into, but expect to pay about $600+shipping for just the front end of a Hippo Sleek (not sure the cost on the bumper beam, paint, and other fees or misc. parts you need to replace). I am thinking all said and done will be around the $900 range for a Hippo Sleek front bumper.



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Just a general run-down on the pricing (from a Japanese Subaru dealer, not including shipping):


Spec B or GT front bumper face (painted): $550.00

Complete Bumper beam, front: $160.00

Foam energy absorber/padding: $50.00

Brackets: $15.00


Rear bumper skin and brackets - same as above.

Rear bumper beam: $40.000


I have no idea currently why the rear bumper beam is so much cheaper (and reasonable) than the front, perhaps there is less in it.


If somebody eventually arranged a group buy, probably the main thing would be finding a source that supplies unpainted bumper skins for cheap. I saw one once that was made out of fiberglass for about $300, but after you painted that sucker it'd be near the price of the painted flexible plastic/urethane ones, and I'd stick with those just because, well, more durable.




Paul Hansen




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