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navigation - portable ??


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Since we don't have navigation availible in our cars. I was wondering if there was a cheaper solution. Do any of you kind folks know or have experience with a portable navigation system? Could you post some info on vendor names, model numbers, cost, any experience with these units.

Thanks in advance........

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I have a Navman ICN510. It may be a discontinued model now.


It is small enough to carry in your pocket if you want to when you are traveling on public transportation or on foot. We used it to look up an address in San Francisco on New Year's Eve that way. It runs on a rechargable battery for +/- 4 hours.


It uses a SecureMedia card. I have enough street level maps loaded to take me anywhere from British Columbia to east Texas right now. Cool feature, the cheaper Garmins can't match the amount of memory that units with removable memory can.


We used it on a 2100 mile road trip during the Holidays. We pretty much knew where we were going, and had paper maps for backup. Occasionaly, it wanted us to take some stupid route because it was a bigger highway.


Is this a review?? :lol:



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I use an old Pocket PC with a GPS card that fits into the Compact Flash slot. The software I use is iGuidance by iNav. In the East Coast you'll probably want to have at least a 512MB memory card for all of the maps. I've used this set-up for about a year and am very pleased with it. Great display options and turn-by-turn voice directions.


I purchased by GPS card, software and powered cradle with sound amplifier and metal extension arm suctioned to the windshield from Semsons.com. Here is the link to the newer version of the GPS portion of the set-up I'm using:




Here is a detailed review of the iGuidance software:




All you need to know is at http://www.gpspassion.com. Enjoy!

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