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It has begun! - iPod Installation


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Well I thought you guys would be interested to know I have slowly started my iPod installation.

I am in the initial stages of my iPod installation. I have just drawn out my schematic to run 12V 1Amp power using a voltage regulator to keep power cleaner. After testing, I may end up putting on an RFI Filter but


that is only if I see problems. I have included the schematic for your viewing pleasure.


I am going to cut up the iPod Dock and fabricate it into the ashtray so that I can make a stealth installation. I hope to take pictures along the way and create a write-up of how it was done, but it probably won't be


finished for a couple of weeks since I have to wait for parts.


Although I have received the following parts:

1.) Voltage Regulator MC7812

2.) Capacitors (.33µF and .1µF)

3.) FM Modulator

4.) iPod

5.) iPod Dock


Waiting on the following parts:

1.) Antenna Connectors

2.) LEDs (I like lights).


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Hey Mike, so are you an EE? We could use some additional EE expertise to finish working out the direct line in solution centerpunch came up with (sticky at the top of the interior/audio forum). Basically, we need a clean and safe way to switch sources between an aux-in and the CD when hijacking the ribbon cable that goes to the amplifier in the stock radio. I have worked out all the other details on connectors/etc... but the EE level stuff remains to be completed. If someone can pitch in on that, we can all get a nice clean dependable direct line in and stop messing with the modulators.



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Unfortunately I am not an EE. I meddle in the arts of electronics but no where near the expertise needed for that. I work at a place that has them, but I would need someone to donate their radio so that we could actually take it apart and try to fabricate something because I don't want to give up on mine. If we use your radio, you will receive the connector free of charge. But that is if they agree to do something.


Can you explain to me what you need, I have read the iPod post, but if I could get the information in consolidated form (with pictures helps) I could explain it to a couple of EE's here. They may be able to construct something without the radio but I would need to know the size of the ribbon cable and all of that stuff.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Alright...I am so close I can taste it (or is it hear it). I am only waiting for the antenna connection pieces to make an antenna adapter. Everything is done and I have started writing up my installation instructions as well as sorting/editing the pictures.


I am VERY happy with the way it came out. I have made it easy to adapt to other inputs in case someone comes out with direct RCA inputs without having to modify the vehicle.


Anyways, here are 3 pictures of the finished product. The electrical tape is there to protect the console from getting scratched up.




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Yes...I saw that one while searching for a regulator. I liked how the 7812 was a constant voltage and not a variable. The iPod has charged with 10V output using a test setup at home of 12VDC Input.


You are correct, You need to have 14V input to have a 12V output. But your vehicle while running (alternator) usually outputs at around 14.4V and I have seen it go up to 18V.


I could have used either regulator, but it doesn't really matter as long as itworks. A voltage regulator is a good idea because there can be spikes in a car's voltage that go up to 20kV.

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It might also be a good idea to put voltage clamps on the input side as well as a reverse battery protection diode. Having been involved in a couple of EE automotive grade electronics designs, these are essential for longevity and protection. Jump starting is a nasty thing for electronics, and consumer grade can't handle it.
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But I am using the cigarette lighter circuit/fuse so wouldn't that have a reverse battery protection diode already? I didn't think I would need this because I was wiring to the cigarette lighter, but if it doesn't then I will definitely put one in.


As to the voltage clamps. I don't think I need them because the input has a capacitor to catch any unnecessary/rogue voltage/spikes and also the input goes upto 30v.

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I finally received the parts from Hirose!! Months of waiting and they finally arrived in my hands. Well I have made the connections onto my FM Modulator. I will finally be able to install it and have taken tomorrow off to actually do it.


It took me 3 tries to finally make one of the connections (the one going into the cars antenna connection). So I am able to make 6 other connections for people since I want to make sure that I have at least one. After my installation, I will offer people the ability to buy a connection.


Here are some more pictures to wet your appetite.




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I usually set the temp before since it doesn't need to change that often. Plus I still have access to the auto temp setting on my side as well as full control on the pass side. I don't really use the manual control that much so it wasn't a big deal. Plus I can remove the iPod and it will continue playing and so I can easily redock it and continue listening.


Minor issue for me.

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