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04 TL vs. 05 LGT....

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So I'm on my way to work this morning, and I happened to pass a black 04 Acura TL, a few minutes later as I'm getting onto the highway, he's on my rear end. He then pulls along side of me and drops it down a few gears (prob. 3rd) and guns it & then lets off...


Well, I figured since he's looking, I'll oblige, so I downshift to 3rd as well and move in behind him. Traffic breaks up after we pass a few cars, and then he floors it, as do I, and he isn't pulling on me not even an inch, in fact I have to letoff and feather the throttle in order not to rear end him. I'm thinking that this AP stg1 was a good idea at this point...


We come up on some more traffic, we slowed down and paced eachother for a few minutes till the highway cleared up again, so I happened to be in front this time. I waited for him to be able to match my pace, and then I let it rip, and before I knew it I was gone! He wasn't even close! My best guesstimate would be about 10+ car lengths maybe more. This was from a roll @ about 65 til redline in 4th (120)... I then slowed down to try to find out whether I just spanked an automatic or if it was the 6spd manual?


And wouldn't you know it, as he pulled alongside, I saw the large 4 piston Brembo brakes signifying that he indeed had a 6spd model!!!


He just motioned that my car was fast! And that I had to have had something done to it? So I told him not to feel too bad, as I did have a few extra ponies more than Subaru gave.


He was a real nice guy, and definitely looked stunned that he was unable to keep up with me let alone the beating he received! I guess he figured he was gonna pick on a 250hp leggy and instead was schooled. We at this time had come upon heavy traffic, so we just basically paced eachother til he got to his exit.


So I guess Cobb's dyno numbers are pretty accurate! Thanks Cobb Tuning! Look forward to loading stg2, as soon as you guys get those downpipes finished!

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nice job putting the TL in its place. glad to see that I'm not the only LGT driver that's willing to use it for all its worth. when traffic lanes are open in front I don't think is uncalled for to push the LGT into the 120-130 mph range for a few precious seconds. The LGT has fantastic mid-range punch.


not nearly the same caliber of kill for me yesterday, but a guy in an Impala SS (I think maybe 200 hp V-6) tried me under the same conditions. only took about 30 seconds and 10+ carlenghs to let him know whos boss. a minute or so later we were side-by-side in traffic and I see his window roll down. he gives a thumbs up so I roll mine down too. He asks, "what car is that man!" and I tell him its the new Legacy. he replies "Subaru makes great turbo charged cars......that thing sure is fast." nice to get respect when its earned.

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