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MAJOR PITA! TOP steering wheel column cover.


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It took me 3 hours today to install my perrin gauge pod in the steering wheel cover. What I thought would take no more than 15 minutes ended up a nightmare.


The bottom steering wheel column cover came off in about 30 seconds... thats when the fun stopped.


I undid the 2 screws that held on the top steering column cover and the thing popped off easy peasy so I thought...


Then while trying to remove it I realized the thing was mechanically locked in there between all the crap on the column. It was like trying to figure out a rubix cube or one of those ring puzzles. After 15 minutes of manuvering I gave up and consulted the manual...


The manual had 2 options... REMOVE THE ENTIRE DASH! or drop the ENTIRE steering column.


Needless to say I was pissed.


I ended up removing a good part of the drivers side lower dash to gain access to the bolts that hold the steering column assembly in place. I then undid the 12mm bolts that hold the column in place. The thing dropped down. That took me over an hour.


I removed the top steering column cover and drilled and mounted the pod in 10 minutes. I snapped the thing back on and heres when I hit another snag....


The steering wheel adjuster assembly is SPRING LOADED. Try lining up bolts on a spring loaded steering wheel adjuster assembly!!! AHHH!!!!!


After 30 minutes of trying to fondle the adjuster assembly into place I finally decided that I would need to remove the springyness from. he adjster mechanism... So I removed the spring from the adjuster mechanism and it took me another good 15 minutes to fondle everything into place.


I replaced the spring which is a pain to do once everything is bolted up as I quickly learned.


Once everything was together I started reassembling the lower dash assembly and I snapped the lower column cover into place.


You see the story does not end here, because It is now pitch dark out and I have not yet BEGUN to install the DEFI gauges.


So now Im gonna have to drive around with an empty gauge pod while my passengers inquire and laugh.


Sigh... If I would have know it was this difficult to mount a friggin gauge pod. I would have chosen another mounting option.


It is much easier with the WRX the trim peice that locks the top column cover in place is a small gauge cover assembly NOT THE ENTIRE DASH!!!



Perhaps this is why the boost gauge option was not an option in the Legacy....

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Well thats what they look like. But the finish is very nice and if they stay out of obstructing the dash......it's all good. :D



In its uppersmost postition it only blocks out the last 15 mph or the spedo and the first 1500 rpm's of the tach. If you lower it a bit it becomes completely visable. It blocks out a good portion of the temp and the fuel though.

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no pix yet... no digicam, the fate of my last one ended up in the bottom of a rocky ravine in new mexico when backpacking.


I will borrow one (or buy one) when I actually find time to install the gauges right now its just an empty pod not very appealing.

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I like the look of the steering column pod on the website and cant wait to see it fully installed on a legacy. Not a big fan of the A-pillar guage look, plus it sounds like they get in the way of our airbags, correct? To bad its such a pain to install. Post photo's when you can.
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Resurrection, just wanted to add my input. I saw this a few weeks back when installing my Perrin pod and gauges. I was determined to take it off, and in doing so, snapped off one of the two long, plastic screw mounts in the rear. I was pissed, but the cover was out. I reinstalled everything, worried about how it would rattle/squeal since it wasn't bolted down on the left side. After a few weeks, I have noticed no vibrations/rattles/squeaks from the column. My wires are also routed above the column and behind the lower dash panel, so that might be helping keep everything planted. Needless to say, this isn't ideal, but if anyone else goes through what I did, you shouldn't have anything to worry about...
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