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Who wants to see my "Vacation Pix?"


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Anyway I have them all uploaded... ALL 114 Megabytes


Please follow these simple directions:


1) Please keep these "pics" internal I don't have unlimited bandwith.


2) No talking about the "contents" of the "vacation pix" I know... I have quite the fat ass. General comments are however welcome.


3) If you have recieved these "vacation pix" from sombody else trust me they are the same.


4) If you abuse my bandwith the "vacation pix" will be gone forever.


5) You need a de .rar- er (ie)winrar to unpack the pix.




7) If you still don't understand ask sombody that knows what they are talking about.


Santa Came Early This Year...




Thanks to those who made these "vacation pix" possible... ;)


EDIT: Oh man here goes my bandwidth....


SC GT wanted me to post his vacation pix too....


These are diffrent from the original set of "vacation pix"


It should be in the same directory under the name of...





!S4 liked my vacation pix so much that he has graciously provided a MIRROR:



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wow I have never seen anyone kill a dolphin that large with a cordless skill-saw. Looks like you had a great vacation.


PS can anyone rehost those pics because I am getting a 404 and need the pictures for my records.


2005 Obsidian Black Legacy GT 5MT Un-Limited Sedan


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