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Got Smoked!!


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As mentioned if the car was in great shape......the car was def. modded;)


There is @ least one by me that is a very clean car, looks pretty much stock other than a huge FMIC, aftermarket wheels & he is putting down just over 550whp & the car only weighs 2500lbs with the driver:eek:

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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240SX > fat friends


For sure. The GT IS a slouch when it has to haul not only it's own heavey ass around, but 3 or 4 peoples also. I had 3 people in mine and the thing is embarrassingly slow. I'm 180, the other two are probably 260 and 160. that brings the car to pretty dang near 4000 lbs... that's a LOT for a 250hp car with no low end torque.

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