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Interior cloth repair


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I was helping someone move a month ago and had to haul some stuff in my then 1 week old car. I later found a 1-2cm cut in the back seat, which I think was from a tv that I had to cram back there. The cut is pretty clean. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? I was just going to leave it since it is hardly noticable, but have started to notice that the cloth is starting to fray on the edges and wanted to fix it before it got worse.
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Guest *Jedimaster*
[quote name='fbi012']can I get an answer to my question or there aint any? :rolleyes: Gues I'll have to live with the spot for EVER. :([/QUOTE] Well, luckily you didn't get into specifics. But you did say protein based, so try [url=http://pages.ivillage.com/cleaningfairy/ODSPretreat.html]this[/url] .
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