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2005 Legacy Exterior Accesories


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I'm interested in parts for 2006 SUBARU LEGACY GT Ltd w/turbo

Vin# 4S3BL676464202712

- Hood w/turbo Part# ?????????

- Front bumper cover, Part# 57704AG02A

- Impact absorber, Part# 57705AG04B

- Bumper side bracket, Part# R 57707AG15A

L 57707AG16A

- Fog lamp assy, Part# R 84501AE261

L 84501AE271

- Grill assy, Part# 91121AG12B

- Wheel center cap, Part# 28811AC110

- Lower ball joint, L


- Bushings, L


- Complete bolt and clip assy that needed for installing of these parts except bolts for hood.

Please, let me have your current rates together with shipping terms to zip 60005 IL

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