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Carbon Fiber Interior


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why not lay your own CF? im just starting to learn myself, got the material and the resin and hardner to do it my self.


I'm not so artsy. I'd probably mess it up. Plus I don't want to learn on my car!


The JDM console is also the reverse of ours. If you look at our radio/climate setup it's not symetrical so the JDM won't work :(


I was looking at those door handles though, but at $500+ it is a not an option.


I was kind of hoping that somebody would make a cheaper US version.

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I have bought a sherwood kit from www.goldplated.com and they are great to work with. I don't know anything about THIS kit though, other than it is $272. alooks nice though... but dang, for nearly $300, I might be buyin' somethin' else, ya know? Anyway, I think the kit would look sharp.



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BIG_T and I were talking over PM, my response to him might be of interest to others here so I will post what we discussed:


The kit you bought from goldplated, is it stickers?


"stickers" is a little cruel, but Every "flat kit" is technically a "sticker". The kit I got was for my Grand Cherokee and was one of the real wood veneer kits. The wood veneer (or CF layer) is attached to a substrate with 3M adhesive on the back. There is a poly coat of some kind over the top that is pliable, overall the 'sticker' is about 1.5mm to 2.0mm thick, with rounded edges (not just "cut out" with a wall of material, it does taper down).


The kit actually looked damn good:









If you are not into the flat kits, there mightbe a company making "molded" kits - but be forewarned, they are EXPENSIVE! But they are nice!


So in summary, I guess technically the kit is "stickers", but damn nice ones. I would do it again, as you can see in the pics , it turned out really well.



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