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uppipe worries


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im installing my uppipe tommorow and i just watched the video on the nasioc site. I see them taking the right wheel off and wheel well <---not spelled correctly i think, to cut a path for a sensor. do we have to do this or are there any better directions for the install on our car. I have searched with no luck. Im hopeing that i just have to take off the airbox and the exhaust manifold to get to the bolts on the uppipe.!!please any recommendations are appreciated
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Changing out the up pipe is not an easy job, but it is also not that hard.


Remove the undertray.

Spray any nuts and bolts that you are going to remove with a penetrating lubricant.

You may wish to have new gaskets for turbo to downpipe, turbo inlet to uppipe, exhaust manifold to uppipe.


Remove the downpipe.


This is going to allow you a better view of the stock uppipe as well a access to the fastening points at the turbo.


Search here or on Nasioc.com for a tutorial for the rest.


Some have released the passenger side motor mount to lift the engine slightly, or have removed the closest part of the exhaust manifold near the uppipe, to get it out of it's home.

To do the latter, you will have to remove the heatshield from around the exhaust manifold on the passenger side.


Find someone to help you that has done it.

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yea, thats what i did, changed the UP and gutted the DP all in one go. i am also one that has had to lift the engine slightly to get the up pipe in/out.

i basically unscrewed the pass mount and pushed up on the engine while my dad jiggled the pipe in. i found the engine very light?

i reused old gaskets (~9k mi)and i dont think i have a leak yet, just some quiet hisssing sounds that i think is turbo noise under boost.


two other things i found useful: i removed the TMIC, gave me LOTS more room to move around while unbolting uppipe.

i also waited till all the pipes cooled in my garage (with the door open) to about ~40 F before i began the tightening procedure. not hard, considering it took me & my dad ~8 hrs. and i figured if i tightened the pipes while they were smaller, then they can only fit tighter as they expanded.

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