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Snow BISHES!!!


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no flash








no flash...



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Fun ride to work this morning, 'cruising past all the stuck SUV's and trucks!! SubyWhat?


Awww man. I love the snow. You guys are so lucky. :(


So when are you going to move out here? You're missing out! I'm going skiing next Thursday, I have room in the car??

life in spin cycle.....:spin:

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Didn't like it last night as I had to help my friend's Mustang GT with the bald tires up a tiny incline. Ended up buying chains for the damn thing to get it up there but I probably could have towed him but chains are are probably a little longer term solution
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I wish I had gotten pitures here at work.


At my house we got 4-6". When I got to work yesterday there was about 6-8". When I left, 14+"


It was awesome. I was the first one in the parking lot so everyone after asked about who was doing donus... :lol



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Hmmm, it's 62 degrees F right now in Manchvegas and 61 in Boston.


I was going to start putting the snows on today......


My prediction is that our first snow will be December 10, but it will only be a few inches. The median is between 12/13-16 for an over 1" snowfall here.


There's a consultant who says the winter snow will start late in the East but be about 10% more than average.


You can look up your location by state and town at: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/ussc/pagemap.html

Who Dares Wins


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more snow bishes

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I've never seen that much snow in my life...

Shoud that Camry stay there for a couple of days?


I give it a day. Tommorow is sunny and CDOT is doing a great job. I drove to boulder tonight at 6 on I-25 and that has been my worst driving experience ever(freaking bumpy enough to nudge my car in a slightly different direction and was praying that I had softer springs because there was never a time you weren't driving on a bump) driving back at 10 the roads were dry on 36 and I-25 I was cruising at 50 occasionally 60 with very little or no bumps. I did stall at my house though because there is no plow.


The snow drifts that we made from shoveling my driveway was about 5 feet high and about 6-8 feet wide at the base. Freaking PITA.


BTW for some reason the roads were perfect in Boulder on my drive up(except for the Westminster part of 36). Seems like you got it easier this time or you have better(more money) street maintence. 28th and pearl were very easy to drive on.



That all said taking Santefe when there is compact non bumpy snow on the road was a lot of fun especially since there are no or few cars on that road.

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Yeah, the unplowed roads & parking lots are like mine fields, but the arterial roads are in good shape as of yesterday. Oddly enough I was supposed to drive to GA Thursday AM. Yeah, right.


As of this AM -




Note the snowplow in the background. Stuck. He's been digging out for 10 minutes & just getting deeper in it.


I have a friend who's an on-air meteorologist, she told me to expect 3-6" of snow. I've fired her as my personal weather girl.

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