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Friendly Denver area shop


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Well I have a new turbo, headers (w/ integrated up) and DP installed over the course of about 2 weeks. (Long story)


Well it seems that trouble comes in threes, so I believe I have an pre-turbo exhaust leak.


Well I don't have the best garage, tools, jacks, etc and I am getting really tired crawling up and down and checking everything out. On top of that I injured a rib snowboarding over the weekend and my uninsulated garage is getting really really cold.


So long story short: I am looking for a good shop I could drive to and help me fix my exhaust leak issue. Friendly and experience with Subaru turbo vehicle is really a plus (especially modified ones:).


Anyone have some suggestions? SubyRoopair? Flatirons tuning?


Thanks in advance

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Super Rupair hands down. They are the only shop I trust to work on my baby. Excellent with all aspects of install, tuning, repair and diagnostics. Only downside is they are not open on the weekends. They have a very heavy following on the other board I am a member of. http://www.awdpirates.net.

The performance installer and tuner there is named Harvey, he has a list of followers a mile long. Hands down one of the best Suby performance guys in the state. :)

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