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brake questions !


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yesterday i saw on ebay a set of 4 caliper of sti and discs for only 305 $ ( front and back )

and i know the bolt pattern of LGT is 5x100 and is it normal that the STI is 5x114.3 original ???

If yes ..what kind of disc i have to use if i put brembo of sti ???

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05+ STi's switched over to 5x 114.3 hubs and brake components.


AFAIK, you can't use the brake calipers from these as they need the hubs as well.


04 STi's still used the 5x100 hubs and will fit just fine (100% on the front, I think the rear may need the hubs as well, or an adapter as it uses a different hub/rear diff)

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i super highly doubt someone is selling brembos off an sti, especially calipers, rotors, pads, for 300 something



usually just the fronts go for $800 min




buyer beware

after the auction , those kit cost 1250$ us but anyways i just change the brake pad today so i wait till it finish then check again from ebay .....

i like the brembo caliper because they cost lot lot cheaper compare as AP , STOPTECH or ENDLESS ( i know they are different but still ....)

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