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Updated European Legacy (wagon lovers drool)


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The Subaru Legacy refresh that debuted in Japan this May has made it to Europe. New front and rear fascias distinguish the '07 Legacy from its predecessor and dramatically change the car's appearance. The nose section is all-new, featuring new, more sculpted headlamps, a pronounced "V" crossbar in the grille, and very racy-looking front spoilers (on the 3.0R Spec.B cars). Moving aft, both the sedan and wagon get a chrome dress-up strip that runs the width of the car. The Spec.B wagon also gets roof-mounted rear spoiler.


More on autoblog and some excellent photos:




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I like the wheels, but the front bumper is a little round and the grill will definitely take some growing. Honestly, has of right now I am not a big fan at all...



you will be... :icon_twis



the guys here do a good job of convincing you what to like and what to hate

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Don't get too excited, guys. The car's on sale here in Australia & to quote a mate's feedback (which I happen to wholeheartedly agree with):


2 hours of spot the difference. Dare I even begin?


Hey MY07 owners, the car is great, marvellous, but....


What has happened to the seat's lateral support (in *all* models)

Why does the trim highlight stop halfway down the console

What's with the ashtray

What's with the different, scratchy carpet in the wagon luggage area

Whats with the chrome strip melding with the rear badge

Why does the rear seat leather appear to have been fitted by a scorned and drunken Lada employee

If they have fixed the oil problems, why include dipstick wipes

If running in is with mineral oil, why include a bottle of synthetic top-up

Why does the better integrated centre console look less integrated with an slight drop in plastic quality overall

What use are two bloody great cupholders. The MY05/6 cubby is more versatile and just as effective

What's with a big chrome circle around the gearstick

Why spend money developing door grips the feel rougher and tackier than those already there

How tf do you clean the inner rims of the B-spec alloys without removing the wheels

How does the 3.0R look with brushed Al+++ highlights against ivory leather http://www.mrtrally.com.au/forums/icon_smile_sad.gif

Why does the 2.5 GT take over a second lore to reach 100km/h

And more:


Steering wheel reach - thanks!

Electric seats and memory - thanks!

Xenons - thanks!


Just puzzling why they then have to make changes (like the circlic interior, ashtray and seat bolsters and in fact the whole console/highlight strip design) which cheapen it slightly.


BTW I didn't like the ergonomic dog's breakfast wheel or feel of the paddles much - neither the palpable ridges on the back or the action which felt like it had too much stiction. It lacks the well-oiled, subtle resistance of the sportshift changer.


Less is more, FHI.

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