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MY06 clearance deal extended till Oct 2nd


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Subaru has extended its AWD 2006 clearance deal till Oct 2nd 06.


Moreover they are now offering $2750 cash rebate on all Legacy models except Spec B. This clearance thing has been going on since quite a few months now. Whats happening? Not many people interested in Legacy??


Checked out some local dealer web-sites and found 2-3 MY06 legacys on each dealer web-site. Cant believe the dealers are having a hard time selling the 06 models even after such rebates!!

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Not many people interested in Legacy??


What I have never seen: A Legacy GT (or even 2.5i) commercial on tv.


Enthusiast word of mouth can only go so far.


Subaru used to have WRX commercials on TV and I believe that helped greatly in selling those. I just picked up my LGT 2 days ago, and have already gotten 5 questions about "what kind of car is that?".

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Except Spec B? They are gonna have a hard time selling those I bet.


i doubt it.... I saw one come into the dealership last week and it was gone in a few days...


The only time they willl have a hard time is if they try to mark it up...



tHe HoV

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