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one of my clients cars

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well figured id finally post some of my work...much kudos to OCDetails for the recommendation of poorboys polishes and the waffle weave towel :icon_mrgr








too bad it was overcast when i took pics....(The car makes 350whp with a ppg gearset...fun to drive!)


this car was FILTHY inside and out...hadnt been washed in months and sits outside all the time




meguires nxt car wash

waffle weave drying towel

poorboys ssr1 in most places, some needed the ssr2 (using DAS orange then DAS blue foam pad)

meguires gold class wax (using the pc to apply it, then put extra on by hand)


the interior required some good old fashioned elbow grease tho


sorry for no before pics


i have a PC and pressure washer to help me with my work too...ive been makin some damn good money over the past few months :icon_mrgr got my fmic that way

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