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SPOTTED - DFW (Plano) - Black LGT


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Nice ride!


Spotted outside Scotty P's Hamburgers (or maybe Wing Stop?) on Parker Road, Sunday, August 20th, around 11:40AM.


Anyone we know? :)


i've seen him too on the service road to 75 in that area.....haven't run in to him in person yet though

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I finally got side-by-side with this LGT one morning heading west on Parker towards the Tollway. Things started out nicely with lots of waves, smiles and thumbs-up as we headed down the road. The driver is a quite young male - I'd guess high school or early college age (Wow! This much engine for so young a driver?!)


However, once we got back to the task of motoring towards our destination, the young man got a little silly, flooring it and weaving through traffic, finally turning south to get on the Dallas North Tollway. I'm just assuming he was showing off a bit for his fellow LGT drivers; I'm hoping he doesn't routinely drive that way.


It's still one sweet looking ride though!

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