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I saw 05BPGT


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last night I went to a meet....


Welcome to NASIOC.com - North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club - News has all the meet info for thursdays. I need a ride to the next one.


And nobody will be spotting me anymore. I totalled my car last night on a roundabout I didnt see. Ill post pics after I get to the impound in an hour or so. Trying to get damn rides sucks. Anybody wanna buy my brakes if they are in good condition. I have a couple power boxes Im sure Ill be paying for. Anybody hear of the big power outage on baseline and 67th? thats my freakin fault. Luckily nobody was hurt. Our cars can take a VERY fast impact and you will not feel a thing. My back is screwed today though. But for how fast I was going...

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Wow ... sorry to hear that Chris glad to hear that you are ok ... that truly sucks :( sorry to hear that ...


What are you looking for price wise on the brakes? You just did the fronts right? (not saying I will buy them .. but .. it doesn't hurt to know : ) )


post pics!!!

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