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Outback or Legacy Wagon?


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I also posted this over on Subaruoutback.org ...


I'm currently selling my SRT-4 (no reason other than getting married and planning for future (ie. kids)). I wanted to get some opinions if I could.


I was really stuck on a new Legacy GT sedan but now we are looking into a house and want a little cheaper vehicle, so I'd like to find a nice '05 Subaru. I don't like the 05-06 Legacy sedans because the rear only has the ski pass through. I'm guessing we will need to have more cargo room with an eventual family. That's why I've began considering the Outback or Legacy wagon. Gas prices are a factor, so I'm thinking going N/A now (no premium AND better gas milage with the N/A is a big plus).


I guess it comes down to getting a little better gas milage on the Legacy wagon vs. having more ground clearance with the Ouback. Personally, if I'm going N/A engine and a "family wagon", my last ounce of hope for any fun would seem to have a little ground clearance for winter and mild off road driving. I figure if there is 2 mpg difference and you drive about 15,000 miles per year with gas at $3.00/gallon, that's about $100 per year difference.


My fiance' also really likes the height of the Outback for the ease of getting us/kids/things out of the vehicle.


My big question would be, what are you guys getting "real world" for gas milage in the Legacy wagons? Have you compared it to the "real world" Outback gas milage? If it is not more than 1 mpg, we would probably steer toward the Outback.


Thanks for any opinions/input.

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I had an 05 Outback Man trans. NA before I got my 06 turbo. With the 05 Man. trans I got 23.5-24.5 combine city/hwy 50/50 driving. and that was on regular fuel with some more aggressive driving in town. The most I saw on the highway was 25-26 mpg and all city was 22-23mpg. The NA 2.5 is a nice motor especially if you combine it with the man. trans. A lot of usable power for most peoples needs, with the Auto it feels a lot more slugish and the MPG will suffer.

Of course my turbo is 20.5 city/hwy with the mods on it, driving it very hard. :icon_bigg:icon_bigg:icon_bigg:icon_bigg

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I have a Legacy GT 5mt wagon. I tried the outback but I felt like it had too much body roll for me. I'm in L.A. and I get about 20mpg street an stop and go in freeway. It goes down to 16-18mpg when I have the windows onpen on the streets(I have a K&N typhoon intake and I love the way it sounds)
Racer X FMIC for '05-'09 LGTs, '08+ WRX and '10+ LGT,'14+ FXT, and '15+ WRX TMIC Racerxengineering.com
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If you hope for some hope of automotive fun, forget Outback. This is thing is anything but fun in curves, even changing lanes at 70 mph is kinda scary. If this is your definition of fun...


Seriously, I think you will be much happier with Legacy, especially if you upgrade sway bars.


But - try to find a leftover GT. I only found mine (unlimited 5mt Wagon) 2 months ago and bought it for 22k (required hard negotations).


GT is both fun and great family hauler (have 2 kids, 3rd on the way).

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My gt wgn 5mt gets @ 23-24mpg. Best ever was 27.5 (by math, not trip computer) on a 240 mile trip from Carson City to Susanville and back. I love the wagon. Try to sway the fiance, you'll always regret it if you settle.

Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

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I owned a '98 Outback. In hindsight, I realized that I should have bought a '98 Legacy 2.5GT. The problems with the Outback:


Handling is worse.

Braking is worse. Why does the heavier Outback have smaller brakes?

Acceleration is worse.

MPG is worse if you select the same engine (it's less aerodynamic, heavier, and more rolling resistance from larger tires).


The Legacy isn't that low... unless you lower it. I'm not sure what kind of mild off-roading you are planning... but I would think that anywhere you would take an Outback is fine for the Legacy.


My friends who have the Outback bought it primarily because they liked the looks better than the Legacy. Bottom line is personal preference.


Just my $0.02.

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The "scarey" part of the OBXT handling is fixed with a new rear sway. Remember, it is a compromise between the onroad and offroad worlds.


You'll probably be fine with a LGT Wagon. If you want a stick shift, good luck finding a new one... there are a couple of used ones that pop up once in a while.


I have a '98 Outback and now an '06 Outback. The difference is worldly. The '06 is a totally different car, so comparisons are moot.


My reasons for getting the OBXT over the LGT Wagon:


1. I found one with the 5MT.


Advantages I've stumbled on:

1. IMO, it looks better

2. The height makes entry/exit easier for me with a bad back.

3. Owned the car for 4 days and already used the offroad advantages clearing some rocks on a path I took (that I wouldn't have been comfortable driving over with an LGT, whether it would've cleared them or not) to get to a Lake.

4. People in Sports cars don't expect an Outback to give them a run for their money (at the dragstrip, I mean ;) ).



Disadvantages so far:

1. Height: Loading Kayaks on the roof isn't as easy as it is on my fiancee's accord.

2. Handling: The handling sucks. But better than the '98 and better than any of the trucks I've driven (Rangers, Explorers, Jeep Liberty, etc).

3. My friends pick on me for having a two tone granny wagon :lol:

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They are both great cars. Yes the outback is a little less fun, but you do gain the ground clerance. If I lived anywhere but Alaska I would probably of considered the GT over the outback, but with the amount and snow around here and the condition of the roads the additional ground clerance was a must. Go test drive some tall SUV's ummm... honda pilot, toyota highlander and the ford Exploder. Then drive the outback, you will feel like you are driving on rails compaired to these (just don't test drive the GT after the Outback) :icon_bigg
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If you are looking for sport. Go for the Legacy, if you are going for really sport, go for the GT. If you plan to do any offroad go for the Outback. If you want more GO, then go for the Outback H-6. I do a bit of offroad, climb over curbs etc. So the Outback was for me. You can improve the handling a bit with a legacy sway bar, but it doesn't make it a sports car.
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