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Hey whats up, Im getting ready to order an AP and a cobb upipe, should I get new gaskets, also, should I get the one with the EGT bung, I know that the AP will get rid of the code, but if i ever revert to stock without the EGT I'd probably get a CEL, what ever you think is best let me know.



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Unless you are going to run an EGT probe in there then don't bother with it. You are actually better off tapping into the maniolfds anyway.


I would say get the bungless. You should probably get new gaskets although a few people have reused with sucess.


Always a safer bet to buy new ones though

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Yes new gaskets :)

No to Cobb uppipe :icon_wink

No the AP will not take care of the cel but a resistor will :)


I installed the uppie and have no senser connected and did not do the resistor thing and dont seem to have a cel on the dash or checking with the AP. I thought I would. I reasoned the AP Stage II defeated it.

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