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Whens The Next Northern NJ Meet

The Don

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Depending on Location I am gonna try to make it, if the LGT is back from Precision by then. I would love to bring it out with the FMIC and TD05 20G. I just hope install goes smoothly and is done by then. It'lll be nice to come out to an LGT meet for the first time since being pretty active over on the Nasioc Tri-State. I look forward to meeting everyone in person.



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I would be down for hosting a meet!


I Used to do it all the time on nasioc but well the mods turned uncool and well i cant post up meets on their forum anymore.


Heres a pic of my garage and my last meet.











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hey chuck, what're you doing on the legacy board? :icon_tong





Yup my threads wont get locked here i'll prove it.


Mulder and Mcdade are both gay! :lol:


Anyways enough fun.. I am def planning on having a meet soon.


I am flying a lot around the US on the weekends let me look at my calender and pick out a day i would like to make some Leg friends.


nasuck is getting harsher and harsher





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