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OEM TMIC...anybody have one collecting dust?


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Posted in the WTB section, figured I should ask in the NE forum as well, be nicer to drive to pick one up anyway.


Noticed the tabs going on the turbo-side of the intercooler, looking for a stock TMIC to reinforce off-car and have at the ready if my super-duper liquid weld jobber fails.






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hmm thats an interesting approach to saving your tmic.. i would give u mind but its completely borked cuz my tabs blew off + a lot of the finns are bent.
06 TB EVO IX SE stock turbo monster subaru hater :lol:
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Boo! Hehe, still looking, I haven't pushed the power yet since I am heading up north next week, don't wanna be stuck in the boonies with a dead car.


JB Weld was cheap, can take the heat, and should be pretty easy to see if it starts to fail again via cracks, so I'll be able to keep my paranoia in check, hehe.

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