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1st Service

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Had my 06 LGT in for its first service at the dealer where I purchased it (Flatirons Sub in Colorado). Marginal passing grade for them so far. They performed the oil change and engine coolant recall just fine, but kind of whiffed on the other items I wanted them to look at. They were:


-Perhaps 1 in 5 times the trip timer doesn't come on when I fire up the car. Just three dashes on that readout. They fired the car up once, the timer worked and they called it good even though I was explict about it being an intermittant problem they'd have to start the car several times in order to see.


-Molding around the sunroof opening is coming loose on the inside of the car. They merely tucked it back into place... is still loose. Not that big a deal yet because they wanted me to come back with the car when they got a part for the next issue...


-The manual sunroof sliding cover recently started sliding too far forward when I close it, leaving a little gap at the back of the sunroof. Was told this was because one of two "blocks" was missing, and that they'd have to get the parts in and tear the whole sunroof apart to see which piece was missing. (Also said they'd fix the loose molding when they did that.) So while I'm driving home, I remember finding a little rubber plug on the floor of the car at one point, and I didn't know where it came from. Should have put two and two together about the sunroof, but in any case a 10 second inspection showed me where the plug belonged. I put it back and the sunroof cover not operates normally. However, I think perhaps it's supposed to be glued in place, so I'll still take the car back to the dealer to get them to look at it while they fix the molding.


-Issues with my AM radio reception. Pretty damned staticy, quite a bit worse than my last car, and strangely it clears up when I engage the break. Some kind of ground-loop thing, I suppose. Was told they can't troubleshoot the problem at all unless I peel the tiny off my back window -- that they had put on for me when I purchased the car, not telling me it could affect radio reception. Grrr.


Anyway. I'll be happy if they fix the molding and actually look at the trip timer problem next time.

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On the trip computer...print THIS it should help them.


On the whistling sound check the outside of the B pillars, make sure the black plastic trim (between the front & rear door windows) is snapped in all the way.

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Cool, thanks for the service bulletin -- it'll be very handy, and describes -exactly- my problem.


Not sure what you mean about a whistling sound, as I'm not experiencing one. Still having issues with the sunroof molding and the AM radio reception.

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