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then you would have spent the extra money on a catted DP for nothing.


Yeah, please don't destroy your nice Cobb HFC!! There's plenty of people here that are running totally catless, so do some research to find out about the pros and cons. And then if you want to go for it, you can easily sell the Cobb w/ HFC here used for more than enough to purchase a brand new catless DP.

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Stink or no stink? That's a personal thing. Each of us are unique individuals - and what you may be able to smell, or not, may either be totally un-noticeable to another or be absolutely offensive. My wife can pick up on smells long before they're even remotely detectable by my own nose. Here, you simply cannot count on another's input to ring "true." Simply consider your own sensitivity/desires, as well as consider the needs of those who you most often ride with.


Boost creep? Certainly possible, but whether or not it'll happen on our stock snail, with good engine-management, is a toss-up when you go completely catless post-turbo (the presence/absence of an aftermarket full exhaust is yet another variable).


Power/powerband increases? Yes, it'll be noticeable on paper, but whether or not the increase will be butt-dynoable is questionable. A good custom-tune will likely swing things in your favor, but that will add to your project cost.


Which brings up the final point....


Why would you buy a high-priced, high-quality piece - such as the Cobb HFC-equipped DP - and then decide to essentially ruin it by gutting? If you feel you must go catless, you might as well either sell your catted piece and re-purchase or trade it for a non-catted one, or reconstruct a new setup with "modular" capability (i.e. shorty DP mated to both a catted as well as non-catted mid-section).

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As many have mentioned......do not destroy the HFC, you can sell it for as much as a new Non cateed COBB DP.


As far as power gains are concerned.....less than 5hp diff;)


**Even with a Protune**

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