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Shift Fork Bent

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Sounds like my shift fork is bent. I picked up the vehicle with 15500 miles. Now it has 19000.


I had to get the auto tinting mirror replaced under warranty because someone used something they shouldn't have to clean it. At that time I had Subaru print out the log of warranty service. At 15200 or so they replaced the clutch and flywheel under warranty when the driver said the car wouldn't move. The remarks said that there were heat marks on the flywheel and that the clutch was slipping.


The other week I was making a u turn on Westheimer and there was a little water on the ground. As soon as the wheels broke free I heard a little noise and couldn't get the car back into gear. I wasn't trying to shift when making the turn. So I pulled it over and had it towed to the dealership.


They took it apart after getting approval from me, noting that I could have to pay for all the repairs. They said the clutch is in perfect condition, but the gears seized up. I'm not sure he mentioned anything about the shift fork, but he did say the gears were stuck. At this time I've only put the Perrin short throw shifter adapter on the vehicle. I'm glad I haven't gone crazy with mods yet.


They are flying in a Subaru tech from who knows where to analyze what happened. Hopefully I don't have to dish out any dinero...

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Now they say they sent some pictures to the rep and this is the preliminary agreement they want to make... They will still visit the car and give it a final look.


A week later they tell me that the rear differential is all messed up, drive shaft, etc etc. Subaru is willing to cover all of that, but want me to pay for a new clutch and flywheel. Now keep in mind that the clutch and flywheel were replaced under warranty before for slipping and hot spots. Yes the clutch has much meat on it according to the guy at the dealership BUT it shows signs of hotspots and so does the clutch (according to them). It does not slip at all and was holding all the power. They say Subaru won't allow them to reinstall a clutch/flywheel that has hotspots though.


What do you guys think?

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if it's mandatory, then SOA should cover it. The regional SOA rep decides whether or not it's covered, not the dealer. Perhaps you should speak with them directly. You can ask your dealer for their contact info, or call 800-Subaru-3.
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