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5EAT rev question when stoplight "racing"

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i have an '06 LGT 5EAT, i dont support street racing, but when you pull up to a red light and theres some rich college kid in daddy's bimmer, and he has the gucci shades and his rap blasting, you just have to show him whos boss, right? and i have found that to really smoke someone from a stoplight, you have to slap the stick back into normal drive and just friggin floor it. but once the rpms get up and it wants to shift into 2nd gear to keep flying along, it seems like it takes awhile for the computer to figure out what it wants to do, you really have to let up on the throttle to let it shift. has anyone else noticed this? or am i just cRaZy?
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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